Frequently Asked Questions About Mechanical Bulls


Q: Are mechanical Bulls Safe?

A: Yes. Mechanical bulls have many safety features to ensure each rider is protected from injury. The inflatable mattress is used to make sure anyone falling off the bull lands on a soft surface. There is a stop switch on the control panel of the ride and a seat sensor to shut off the ride automatically if someone is falling off.

Q: Can anyone ride a mechanical bull?

A: Yes. The controls allow the operator to have full control over bucks and spins. Very young children to elderly can sit on the bull while the operator has the bull more very slowly.

Q: Where can I set up a mechanical bull?

A: Just about anywhere. Indoors or outdoors. A dedicated 20 amp circuit is the only requirement. Gas generators can be provided if an electrical outlet is not available.

Q: Can you also provide Casino Equiopment and dealers for our Westerm Themed saloon?

A: We do offer casino night packages to wrap into your western theme, to bring the Old West Saloon atmosphere to your event. Casino equipment includes Texas Hold'em tables, Poker tables, Roulette tables, Craps tables, Blackjack tables, Prize wheels, Money machines, Show girls, Western DJ's, and Western entertainers. We also provide pool tables, pinball machines, and dart boards.